Will Dickert

Artist: Will Dickert


There is nothing that satisfies my creative needs, tries my patience and wit, and sparks inspiration and curiosity more for me than working with clay. My love and intrigue of the material, and the processes involved continues to motivate my efforts to make appealing and inviting pots. I use stoneware clay to create pots that rely on practical and fluid form to perform their function. I prefer to fire my pots using wood fueled kilns in the area, which impart character and effects on the wares reflective and dependant on the materials and processes. My efforts focus on work that, I feel ,complements both the demands and pleasures of daily life: mugs, tumblers, tea ware, bowls, baskets, service ware, and goblets, just to name a few examples. I moved to Western North Carolina nearly five years ago with clay in mind. I received my BA in ceramics from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2008 with departmental distinction. Originally from Southwest Virginia, the Southern Appalachians are my home, and the source of my interest in the traditions and heritage of this area and art form. I feel blessed to be able to create pots in an environment that is informed by that history, and carried on by a vibrant, cutting-edge, thriving arts community. Please visit my studio in the front room (windows facing Roberts Street) of the Phil Mechanic Studios (109 Roberts Street, Asheville, NC 28801). Building hours are 11-4 Tuesday-Saturday, or anytime by appointment or chance.




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