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Know about the ingredients and substitutions for preparing popcorn

This delectable caramel popcorn has no corn syrup and is baked for optimum crunch and taste. It’s ideal for family movie nights on game nights, and it makes delectable food gifts for Christmas or any other occasion. Caramel popcorn, often known as caramel corn, is a delicious and addictive delicacy, but it may be difficult to master. Know about the ingredient here for making the best caramel popcorn to buy them and get snacks delivery in Singapore.

  • Popcorn: I use un-popped popcorn kernels in this recipe, which I then pop in a popcorn machine. If you like, you may make your pop corn on the stove or use a package of mildly flavoured microwave popcorn.
  • White sugar: aids in determining whether the caramel has attained the desired colour. If you wish, you may use light or dark brown sugar, but be cautious not to overcook the caramel, since it will naturally be a deeper colour.
  • Butter: For this recipe, use unsalted butter and season with salt to taste. If you like, you may use salted butter and taste and adjust the quantity of salt to taste. To make it vegan, substitute the butter with non-dairy margarine.

snacks delivery in Singapore

  • Honey: The honey offers a nice additional taste without competing with the caramel flavours and prevents the caramel from crystallizing. If you choose, you may replace the honey with glucose syrup or light corn syrup to make it vegan.
  • Bicarbonate of soda: also known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. This causes the caramel to swell up and contributes to the creation of a gorgeous thin, crispy caramel covering. You may omit the bicarb soda if you like, but your popcorn will have a thicker caramel coating.
  • Salt: A considerable amount of salt in this recipe helps balance out the sweetness. You may use any kind of salt you choose and adjust it as you normally would when cooking.
  • Salted, roasted peanuts: After baking, mix in some salted peanuts to make homemade cracker jacks or lolly gobble bliss bombs. You may use any sort of nut you choose, or leave them out entirely.

To serve, scoop the caramel popcorn snack into a big bowl and toss it around. If you have guests coming over, you cannot serve these pop corn before the time, as it won’t last long once served so better order them with snacks delivery in Singapore so that you can serve them fresh. For a fun twist on a family movie night, serve it in some gorgeous red and white striped boxes.