Professional carpet cleaning – What it consists of

Rugs are precious objects, sometimes for their sentimental value, other times for their commercial value. This is why it is important to take care of them, subjecting them to regular cleaning. In this article you will find out how much it costs to wash a carpet and what professional washing consists of.

Comfortable and beautiful to look at, the rugs give a value to the whole environment. They warm us during the winter, and often and willingly tell a story, taking us back to distant countries. For these reasons it is not surprising that rugs are one of the most common home decorations commercial carpet cleaning services in Nashville.

And how many types exist ! Persian rugs, modern rugs, Moroccan rugs, shaggy rugs, kilim rugs, tapestries, national rugs, jute, silk, coconut and leather rugs. Often in dark colors, the carpet hides dust and stains well, and for this reason we forget that, precisely because it is walked on every day, it should be washed at least once a year to ensure an adequate level of hygiene for the whole house. This is even more true if you have children or pets at home!

The most trivial stains, especially if taken in time, can be removed without particular problems with do-it-yourself methods and natural products that respect the carpet fabric. In this article we talked about how to remove nail polish from the carpet . In case of more important stains, especially on delicate carpets, they should be entrusted to an expert.

Let’s take the example of an oriental rug handmade with natural colors: if it were to get stained, our intervention could be more harmful than anything else, risking to compromise the colors and ruin it irreparably.

A qualified professional, on the other hand, will be able to treat it with due care, preserving the natural fibers, ensuring the maintenance of the softness of the structure, the brightness and vivacity of the colors . Each rug, from the hand-made Persian one to that of IKEA, has its own characteristics, and for this reason, they must be subjected to personalized washes that take into account the type, fabric, size etc.

Usually, the professionals of the sector:

They examine the carpet to figure out how to treat it

They perform a controlled aspiration

They establish the treatment to be carried out

Proceed with washing (rinsing)

They perform a fabric check and color dabbing

They remove mites and bacteria

They conclude the operation with controlled drying at 35-40 degrees.