electric trike

Top Purchase criteria of an Electric Tricycle

Electric tricycle is the new trend. More and more people are deciding to buy a tricycle as a gift for their child. But, given the great offer of these motor vehicles and in order not to be disappointed with the product, if you are going to buy an electric trike, you must take into account some aspects. In this way, you will make the most appropriate decision:

  • Users and objective
  • Battery and motor
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Design and comfort

Users and objective

The first thing we must bear in mind is who will use the tricycle and what for, since it is different for an adult to use it to move from one place to another, to work, to transport goods, to a child using it for fun. Then, depending on the person who drives it and the use that he gives to the tricycle, it will be necessary to choose one model or another.

As shown in the previous table, there are tricycles for babies, children, and adults; There are two-seat, mountain, cargo, folding tricycles. Likewise, tricycles for people with reduced mobility are increasingly on the rise, which can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h, offering a moderate and safe movement.


Battery and motor

It is very important to know the characteristics of the motor and the battery. Batteries are like fuel tanks, the “bigger” they are, the longer the tricycle will last. To determine the “size” of the battery, multiply volts (V) by amps (A).

The duration of an electric trike can be around 30 minutes and 3 hours. In turn, depending on the power of the engine, one speed or another can be reached; the higher watts (W), the higher speed you will get. But, between two 250 W motors, one that works with a voltage of 36 volts, will have more power than another that works with 24 V.


In general, tricycles for the little ones do not exceed 8 – 10 km / h in speed. Tricycles for older children go up to approximately 20 km / h. But adult tricycles have speeds that exceed 25 – 30 km / h; This is why they can be used as vehicles to travel medium distances and are used for frequent walks.


It is important to check that our children or ourselves will go safe. To do this, we must look at the type of brakes, the quality of the wheels, and the materials with which the tricycles are made (stainless steel spokes). It is also interesting to see if they have certifications that indicate compliance with certain standards.

Design and comfort

Riding a tricycle should be comfortable, as the user should feel comfortable driving. For this, before buying a tricycle, it is worth reading the opinions of other buyers and the comments that circulate about the product. In case the design involves an uncomfortable tricycle, the chances are good that the vehicle will be used little or not at all.