beach pebbles landscaping


If you’ve visited the beach recently and noticed little black or white pebbles, it’s time to get creative with your landscaping. Beach pebbles have long been used by landscapers to add visual interest and texture to gardens, but they can also be used in other ways, such as in paths and walkways or even as part of your garden design scheme overall. Explore ways that beach pebbles landscaping can be used in your designs, and learn some easy tips on how to incorporate them into your next project.

1) Create a Pebble Path

Using a hoe, create a small trench around an area of your garden or yard where you’d like to place beach pebbles. Pour gravel into each section of trench, filling it up about halfway. Place some water in one corner of your bucket and add several pebbles. Wetting them will make them stick together better after they have been placed. Be careful not to crush them while placing them on top of the gravel.

2) Add Pebble Accents

Because they’re cheap, easy to use and don’t require a permit, beach pebbles landscaping is a great way of adding interesting textures and natural elements to your design. If you simply lay them out on top of grass or other ground cover, you can create an interesting path that leads from one area of your landscape to another.

3) Incorporate Pebbles into Beds

The presence of pebbles and gravel can add much-needed depth to beds. While there’s a range of options available for adding depth to your landscaping from mulches and topsoil, rocks and stones pebbles are often overlooked. But when integrated into garden beds, they can add structure and visual interest. The more uniform they are, generally speaking, the better they will blend into your existing landscaping palette.

4) Plant Perennials Amongst Pebbles

Perennials are a great addition to your landscape as they provide year-round interest. However, it’s important that you place them among beach pebbles so their foliage remains above ground, giving you something beautiful to look at all year long.

5) Line Up Pebble Stones by Color

Pebbles don’t just look good because of their natural, organic shapes and smooth texture; they also come in a range of colors that are easy to line up for a great effect. Don’t be afraid to use these colors as an accent and feel free to incorporate more than one type of pebble into your garden design.