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Does the candle produce enough heat to keep place warmth

When you plan for the winter season campaigns, you would opt for the different ways to keep your tent warm. Finding the right heating solution is essential to keep your entire space warm. One of the best solutions that many would consider for keeping their tent warm is the candles. But many of them have the question is that whether the candles produce enough heat to keep the place warm. If you want to know how much a candle is required to keep the place warm, then you should learn how much heat does a candle give off. Read below to know the heat that can be produced by the candle.

A single candle can produce a heat amount that can range from 75 to 85 BTUs. It is usually determined depending on the size of the candle. The heat capacity of the candle is much lower compared to other types. However, it can produce enough warmth that you could enjoy in the tent. So, if you want to heat the tent then you need to know how many candles you required to heat the tent.

When it comes to the number of candles for the tent to heat, you may have to consider the tent size. But you should also understand that the traditional candle will not last for more than three hours. So, you may have to take many candles if you prefer to use the candle for heating the tent.  Choosing candles would not be the best option as you have to spend more money on purchasing the candles.

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Are candles more effective than candle heaters?

Many would suggest a candle heater when you prefer to go camping. You need to know about the candle heaters before you decide between a candle heater or candles. Choosing a candle heater would be the best option because they are effective as they produce heat for a long time. They would provide more heat compared to the candles.

Some would consider candles as a cheaper option, but they would not last long. So, you might have to spend money often to purchase the candle. Whereas candle heater is a one-time investment that would last longer and you would get the amount of heat that you want from the heater. Thus, using candles would be the best option but you have to consider using the candles safely inside your tent. If you consider safety features, then using a candle heater would be the better option for you.