Freestyle Libre Patches

Get to know the best Freestyle Libre Patches

Daily diabetes monitoring gives pain. If you know someone you love who has diabetes, you’re maybe familiar with the endless routine of glucose monitoring. The hurtful fingerstick to draw a drop of blood. And the huge traditional glucose monitoring equipment needs daily calibrations. These problems can make it hard to stick to a diabetes management plan. Opening the door for the difficulty to arise.

What if you could remove the inconvenience and pain of glucose monitoring? And experience a great way of handling the condition. More than 400,000 people across the globe are using the Freestyle Libre Patches. The system is known to be stable, accurate, and consistent.

What is Freestyle Libre CGM?

A continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system is the Freestyle Libre which doesn’t need a blood sample from a finger stick. It’s produced by Abbott, a popular company that creates other diabetes-related products. Like baby formula and nutritional beverages. The Freestyle Libre has known as the first non-blood calibration CGM system. Instead, the monitor functions via a small sensor that is put on the surface of your skin.

Freestyle Libre Patches

Know how the Freestyle Libre Patches work

The Freestyle Libre like the usual blood glucose monitors provides you with information about your sugar levels. It can show either hyperglycemia, where your glucose levels are higher.  Or your levels are lower known as hypoglycemia. This monitor also aids you to see patterns in your blood sugar levels. Based on some studies, the Freestyle Libre’s connections ease the risk of diabetes complications.

Check out the Best Freestyle Libre Patches

Nowadays, sensor patches have exploded in the market. There are many ways to show your personality via your diabetes gear. And also the latest ways to keep diabetes be more fun. Yet, it can be hard to decide which to invest in when there are many choices.

  • Stick2Hope

Stick2Hope is a company established by a fellow type 1 diabetic. They provide a range of patches for various types of devices, they also have patches for infusion sets. They have a broad range of patches to suit different personalities. These are available in themed packs like the butterfly variety pack. Also, you can have an individual patch and mix and match. They give underlay patches too that are useful for people who have sensitive skin.

  • Not Just A Patch

NJAP is a company that produces a range of patches for every CGM. Whether Dexcom, Omnipod, Miao Miao, Medtronic, and the Freestyle Libre. The main design of their patches for Freestyle Libre is the non-stick back part of the patches. Another cool feature of NJAP is no skin irritation due to the use of medical quality hypoallergenic adhesive.

  • Expression Med

Expression Med is a well-known company for Freestyle Libre patches. They produce medical adhesives that are put over CGM. And various devices to aid them on your skin safer and longer.