Specific Facts About Epoxy Floor Coating You Should Know

Epoxy floor coatings have become one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to update old, tired, or high-traffic commercial space. While the high demand for it stems from its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness, it’s also because epoxy floor coatings can do some pretty cool things. Here are some things you may not know about epoxy floor coating.

They’re Easy to Apply

In most cases, epoxy floor coatings are applied by hand. If you want to apply it yourself, you should use a medium-to-heavy-duty roller and apply the coating using an industrial flooring applicator. It will be more complex than applying it by machine, but it’s still easier than applying a high-traffic floor with a paint roller or cloth mop.

Most Epoxy Products Are Environmentally Friendly To Use

The epoxy formula used in most epoxy floor coatings is environment-friendly and safe, and non-toxic. It can even be used on children’s play areas and sandboxes because you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching through the coating material. They can also withstand severe abuse from heavy traffic due to their rigid fiberglass base material that allows for long-lasting wear and tears. The fiberglass base material also provides speedy dry time, essential for busy environments that need immediate application response time. As far as soil goes, your epoxy floor doesn’t stain or peel off when soiled; instead, the dirt remains in the fiberglass material’s pores and is recycled into the epoxy by the resin.


While epoxy floor coating is not cheap, it is still an affordable solution for commercial properties that want to maintain a professional appearance for their spaces. The cost of the product alone is far cheaper than what you would spend to paint a floor from start to finish and put wall’s back up. Most people don’t realize that even though the finish may be relatively straightforward, the tools required are pretty expensive. It’s sometimes hard to justify paying for top-quality industrial epoxy floor coatings when you’re only covering about 10% of your floor with it. If you do decide to install just a small area, there’s still no doubt in my mind that this product will do an excellent job.

In conclusion, epoxy floor coating is not a replacement for a paint job; instead, it’s a maintenance-free solution for floors that need an extra coat of protection and maintenance. If you want your floor to last and be very tough, epoxy floors coating is the best product available, guaranteed to stay up to ten years.