Keep the Swimming Pool Clean and Clear

Homeowners Guide to Keep the Swimming Pool Clean and Clear

Knowing how to properly maintain your swimming pool at home starts with getting to know your pool itself. If you ask yourself, can you honestly say that you know every part of your swimming pool? You don’t need to know all the complicated stuff as long as you are familiar with the basic parts and their functions. This way, it can help you understand how to keep the pool system running. And when you know this, it would be easier for you to troubleshoot problems on your own.

maintain your swimming pool at home

 Get to Know Your Pool!

Always remember that all types of swimming pools have four major components – water, liner, filter system, and the skimmer and returns. It doesn’t matter if you have a basic swimming pool or an Olympic-sized one in your backyard.


      Pool Water. This is self-explanatory but remember that this component is the key to enjoying your swimming pool. Keeping it clean, clear, and algae-free protects everyone in the family or your friends who are coming over for a pool party from any contaminants and pollutants that can be found in dirty pool water. 


      Pool Interior or Liner. The ‘liner’ or the walls of your pool play a very important part. This is in constant contact with the pool water. That is why it is crucial to always keep the walls clear of algae and mold as well as of any debris to keep the water safe and clean. 


      Pool Filter System. This is the ‘heart’ and the ‘liver’ of every swimming pool. It is the heart because it keeps the water circulating. And it also acts as the liver because it filters first and other contaminants in the water. Both of these functions are crucial to keeping it clean, clear, and safe. Without it, the water will quickly turn cloudy and polluted. Thus, it will be unsafe to swim. 


      Skimmer and Returns. The skimmers pull the water into the filter to be cleaned while the return pushes the cleaned water back to the pool. Both of these parts need to be clean and clear of obstructions at all times for them to function properly.

keep the pool system running

Pool Water Going Green

This is probably one of the most common issues of many pool owners. That is why learning how to clean a green swimming pool is crucial. Some pool owners do not understand how the water turned green when just a couple of days ago, it was up and running with clean and clear water. There are plenty of reasons why this happens.


First, it can be due to the lack of chlorine. Without it, the water will start to grow algae. And the algae can grow so fast that it will quickly affect the entire pool in just one day. Remember that the warmer the water is, the faster this process happens. Pollens produced by nearby plants or trees that are somehow carried into the water can also cause the water to look green or yellow. 


With green pool water, you can try to clean it on your own if you know how to do it properly. But if you are not sure how then it is best to call an expert swimming pool service provider to have it done for you. This way, you are 100% sure that the pool water is safe for you and your family to use.