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Know the Features of Plex Media Server

            Technology makes a great impact on everyone. With the current circumstances, you may have some extra time on your hands while staying at home. And want to get the most out of your media. People have their ways to keep themselves entertained. And want to try various activities for them to enjoy.

If this is familiar to you, now is a great time in this article, you’ll get to know about Plex.

All about Plex

            Plex is a global streaming media service. A free media software that can manage and organize all your collected movies. TV shows, photos, music, and present them to you on any kind of device. With an interface that’s both easy to navigate and attractive. Plex is grouped into two things: it’s a huge set of free client apps and its free media server software. That permits you to access the media server’s contents from many devices. Such as Roku, smart TVs, Apple TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and many more.

Plex is server software that you run on a Mac, PC or NAS drive in your home. These two pieces together create a strong way to access and manage your media files. The Plex Media Server can regularly increase your collection of TV shows. As well as movies, and music. With a big amount of associated content from sources around the web. Like album art, movie posters, episode descriptions, and much more.

Plex can read about any media file format you can think of, unlike iTunes. You can do away with the step of converting your file to be compatible with the software.

Share to others

            You can share your Plex library with other Plex users. Making it the perfect way to give family members and friends access to your media. Without uploading it all to a third-party cloud service like iCloud or Google Drive. Though there are some limitations which you must consider. Such as how much bandwidth is included in your internet plan. And also the ability of your Plex server.

plex media

Features of Plex

  • Live TV & DVR Recording
  • Record content in your library. To get all the benefits of other content: beautiful metadata. Access it anytime and anywhere. Wherever you are, you can also watch content live, on tons of devices.
  • Mobile Sync and Downloads
  • You can still play your favorite content. Whether you are flying across the Atlantic, relaxing in the park, or taking a subway to work. You can use Mobile Sync to load copies of your content on your tablet or phone. So that you’ll be able to use it when you have no internet access.
  • Premium Music Features
  • You can enjoy better artist bios and artwork, automatic lyrics from the LyricFind. Sweet fades, visualizers, loudness leveling, and more.
  • Premium Photo Libraries
  • With Plex, you can make your videos pop and personal photos. Get location, information, and more.
  • Early Access
  • You can get early access to new apps or features. If users have an active Plex Pass subscription. Plex Home Theater and Chromecast were accessible to Plex Pass subscribers. Before being released to all users.

The start of Plex adventure is by installing Plex Media Server. Software on your selected machine.