Learning on How to Find True Identity in God

Finding our true identity in God will generate solid inner confidence that will surpass the highest ideas of our imagination. With this confidence, the believer will be steadfast in his duty to do God’s will on earth. The kingdom of darkness cannot prevail where the saints of God realize their true essence. Since the forces of darkness operate through deception, they do not influence those who know the supreme God in themselves and unconditionally fulfill His commandments.

Millions of people at Shincheonji Church of Jesus try to find their true identity through a person, place, or thing. Although millions of people rely on this approach to search for happiness, it usually ends in psychological tragedy. For example, if we base our identity on the approval of our spouses, children, or friends, we will be disappointed when they disappoint us. If we base our value on our work, status, strength, or achievements and rewards, we may become desperate when our peers no longer recognize us.

Looking beyond ourselves

To find our true identity in God, we must look beyond the natural. The world tells us that we are ordinary people who are at the mercy of harsh circumstances and situations that have taken over our lives. Traditionally, we think in human terms. As young children, we hope to grow up, go to school, graduate, pursue a career, get married, have children, grow old, and die. It is the essence of world thought. However, according to the Kingdom of God, the worldview is an illusion. God never wanted humanity to look so fragile in this life. In the beginning, God gave more manpower over the entire earth.

Made to rule as rulers

If God intended man to rule the world in a spirit of justice, this command is still valid today. Our true identity lies in how God created us, what we should be, and what we should be doing. As Christians, we should not think less about who God has allowed us to be.

The question is whether we believe or not that we are destined to rule the kingdom of darkness, the impostor who stole the power that once belonged to humanity and now uses it against the saints of God. The purpose of the forces of darkness is to destroy man and prevent the glory of God from ruling the world. However, this hope is one of the biggest illusions.

Believe in God’s opinion of us.

Living according to our true identity means believing what God says about us. Accepting God’s vision of us gives us a sense of wholeness and acceptance. According to the word of God, we are supernatural beings created in the image of God. The image of God includes the possession of His likeness in power, authority, and knowledge. When we internalize this faith, we will walk in our true nature as sons and daughters of God. Our hearts and souls will become peaceful, and our lives will be filled with the joy of God. Our fears of people, conditions, and circumstances will disappear because we realize that we are not victims of these fears.